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Small Farmers Welfare Fund (Under the aegis of the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security)
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Accident Insurance Scheme

The Accident Insurance Scheme aims to provide small farmers an income support during redundancy caused by injuries, where they might not earn any revenue, so as to enable them meeting with at least their basic needs and partially financing relevant medical expenses
To provide a 24-hour worldwide insurance coverage to registered farmers against injuries caused by accident.
Payment of Benefits:
(i)       Payment of compensation shall be effected for more than one event during the whole membership period (i.e. 2017-2018). An event being an accident causing a total/partial/permanent disability.
(ii)      Payment of injury leave allowance and reimbursement of medical expenses may be made during the coverage period and based solely on medical certificate/s issued by a doctor from the public hospital certifying the nature of the disability and the cause.
(iii)     Payment of a disability compensation calculated on the degree of disability of the farmer is payable as follows:
Financial Indemnities
Death: Nil
Permanent TOTAL Disablement: Rs 20,000
Permanent PARTIAL Disablement: Based on degree of disability (as per Schedule)
Temporary Total Disablement: Rs 1,500 per week (for a maximum of 24 weeks with a waiting period of 15 days)
§  The farmer must be registered with the Fund
Mode of Application
A farmer is automatically covered under the Accident Insurance Cover at registration.
Claims / Refund
The farmers must submit their duly filled n the event of an accident causing injury, the farmers must submit their duly filled Claim Form  together with the following documents to avail for the Accident Insurance Scheme.
Required Documents / Info:
§  Copy of National ID Card
§  Copy of Valid Farmer ID Card
§  Original (or certified true copy of) Medical Certificate
§  Original Invoice(s)
§  Original Receipt(s)