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Small Farmers Welfare Fund (Under the aegis of the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security)
Small Farmers Welfare Fund>SFWF Schemes>Agricultural Calamities Solidarity Scheme (ACaSS)

Agricultural Calamities Solidarity Scheme (ACaSS)

The Agricultural Calamities Solidarity Scheme (ACaSS) is a national solidarity fund consolidated from grant received from the Government and contribution from farmers to provide FINANCIAL SUPPORT to
small planters on crop losses caused by cyclones, drought or excessive rainfall.
To enable planters restarting production promptly after the occurrence of calamities, hence enhancing their sustainability and reducing production gap.
(a)           Coverage
ACaSS provides the farmer coverage for a period of 12 consecutive months as from the date he/she has registered his/her crop(s) with the Scheme.
(b)           Contribution
The amount of annual contribution of farmer will be Rs 600 per arpent. The farmer can avail for coverage for a maximum of 24 arpents for crops.
(c)           Assistance:
§  Assistance will be provided for one event in a year in case the covered crop losses have suffered 50% or more due to an event;
§  An event is the occurrence of a calamity or a disease causing crop losses.
§  Financial Support will be Rs 5,000 per arpent.
Eligibility Criteria:
§  To subscribe to the Scheme, the planter must be registered with the Fund.
§  Holder of valid title deed / lease agreement for the land under cultivation
Mode of application:
Application Form duly filled must be submitted at the SFWF Head Office at Saint Pierre or at its sub-offices together with the following documents:
§  Valid title deed / lease agreement
How to make a Claim?

A planter whose crops have been damaged by covered calamities must make a claim at the SFWF within 7 days as from the date of the event on the relevant Claim Form


ACASS Claim Form planter