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Small Farmers Welfare Fund (Under the aegis of the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security)
Small Farmers Welfare Fund>SFWF Schemes>Calf Productivity Incentive Scheme (CPIS)

Calf Productivity Incentive Scheme (CPIS)

A cash grant of Rs 2,500 is payable to breeders under the Calf Productivity Incentive Scheme, for each calf they have successfully bred up to 3 months for a maximum of 30 weaned calves per year.
To stimulate breeders to keep their calves healthy hence increasing the life expectancy of animals, to enable boosting up of milk and meat production.
To encourage breeders taking better care of their calves.
Cash Grant:
§  The Cash Grant is payable to breeders with the eligibilty criteria and after verification of the existence of the animal/(s) on the farm and criteria test of the eligibility of breeder made by the SFWF.
Eligibility Criteria:
§  The breeder must be registered with the Fund
§   Be holder of valid title deed / lease agreement for the land
§  The calf/ves must be duly tagged by the Division of Veterinary Services
§  The calf/ves must be at least 3 months old
§  The breeder must present the DVS Animal card/s of the calf/ves
Mode of application:
Applicants must submit their duly filled CPIS Application Forms   at the SFWF Head Office at Saint Pierre or at its sub-offices together with the following documents:
Required Documents / Info:
§  Valid title deed / lease agreement
§  Copy of National ID Card of the breeder
§  DVS Animal card/s
§  List of Tag Numbers of concerned calf/ves