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Small Farmers Welfare Fund (Under the aegis of the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security)
Small Farmers Welfare Fund>SFWF Schemes>Premarket Test and Certification Scheme

Premarket Test and Certification Scheme

Under the Premarket Test and Certification Scheme, a grant up to Rs 400,000 is offered to Agro processing enterprises registered with the Fund to meet with the costs of the Pre-Market Test & Certification of their products at the Government Analysis Division (GAD).
To assist agro processing enterprises in tapping additional and more profitable market for their products, as well as, ensure delivery of safe food to customers.
§  A grant, up to a maximum of Rs400,000 for a maximum of 10 products, is offered to agro-processing enterprises registered with the SFWF.
§  Following quotation made by the GAD and necessary verification made by the SFWF, a cheque is issued accordingly, to the order of the GAD, to the concerned agro-processing enterprise.
§  The agro-processing enterprise can then submit the same to the GAD together with the corresponding samples for the necessary tests to be conducted.
Eligibility Criteria:
§  The farmer must be registered with the Fund
Mode of application:
§  Applicant must submit the duly filled       Premarket Test and Certification Application Form together with the required documents at the SFWF Head Office at Saint Pierre or at its sub-offices.
Required Documents / Info:
  1. Quotation Letter from the GAD
  2. A copy of National ID Card
  3. A copy of Business Registration Card (BRN)
  4. Certificate of Incorporation/ Registration (In case of company, Co-operative, Association, Societé, etc...)
  5. Letter for list of Priority products (In case there is more than 10 products and/ or the amount requested exceeds Rs 400,000)
  6. Most recent Annual Return submitted to the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA)/ Registrar of Company.
  7. Certificate from the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions certifying the contributions being made on behalf of employees.
  8. In absence of No (vi) & (vii), the applicant must provide a letter where he/she declared that it’s a family business and its income is less than Rs 10 millions.