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Small Farmers Welfare Fund (Under the aegis of the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security)
Small Farmers Welfare Fund>SFWF Schemes>Work Based Placement for Children of Farmers

Work Based Placement for Children of Farmers

To promote on-the-job training to children of farmers to better prepare them for their future in terms of further education and career
Under the Work Based Placement Scheme children of registered farmers are provided on-the-job training in the different departments of the Fund (Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Project Development, Information Technology and Internal Control) ​on farms and fieldon farms and fields.
HSC School Leavers
The placement is allocated to children who have just sat for the Higher School Certificate for the current examinations and have obtained best results at the School Certificate examinations.

University Level
The placement is allocated to children of registered farmers following courses at the University of Mauritius or University of Technology and who have just completed their Higher School Certificate Examinations.
Eligibility Criteria
1. Child of Registered Famers
2. Students who had already been on placement at the SFWF shall not be eligible for the Scheme. The additional criteria, to decide between cases of ex-aequos are as follows;
(a)       Types of farming activity undertaken by the applicant’s responsible party, whether full time or part time farmer, whereby full time farmers is given priority of consideration.
(b)       Number of children attending primary or secondary or tertiary institutions in the applicant’s family.  Family with the highest number is given priority of consideration.
A monthly stipend is payable to each trainee.
The SFWF has made arrangements with the TEC approved universities in Mauritius (University of Mauritius, University of Technology, Open University and Université des Mascareignes)
Documents to be produced:
  • Examinations Result of farmers’ children
  • Responsible party's SFWF's valid card
  • Birth Certificate of applicant
  • SC/HSC/Degree Certificate of applicant
  • Instruction letter issued by the Mauritius Examination Syndicate to applicant for the HSC exams